Friday 26 August 2011

Blackberry Red Light of Doom

Do you have a Blackberry? If you do you may understand what i'm talking about, or think i'm completely insane!
Basically, whenever I see the red light flash on my Blackberry, I do panic a little bit inside and I dont know why! I get this strange gut feeling. It's not like my phone has turned evil and is trying to take over the world, it is simply telling me that I have a text, email, BBM, facebook notification....(could be anything really, Blackberries really can do everything)
The worst is sometimes if I wake up in the middle of the night and I look over and I can see the red light flashing. I then have a ten minute debate with myself deciding if I should check why the phone is flashing and risk waking up and not being able to get back to sleep, or try to ignore it and spend the next few hours restlessly trying to sleep whilst ignoring the red beacon of light shining across the room (it is suprisingly bright!!) imagining every worse case scenario of who could be trying to get in contact with me.
Maybe I should just turn the red light off and be done with it, but it does have its redeeming features. It is useful in situations when you can't really have your phone out, but you can see the little red light poking out of your bag, or when your at dinner waiting for a text/email/bbm/facebook message etc.etc. and you don't want to keep constantly checking your phone.
So in summary I don't know why I fear the red light so much. Maybe i'll download one of those apps that makes the light change to a pretty colour. But for now I will keep referring to it as the 'red light of doom'!


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